Graphic design with a tweak

Traditional graphic design merely communicates ideas through visual content. Great graphic design also combines in elements of marketing strategy, information dissemination, colour schema and wording amongst other things. And it all starts with identifying your real audience as opposed to the perceived one.
We then obsessively research and observe them, only to eventually hop into their shoes and start thinking like them. Our ad communications, depending on the campaign goal, seek to answer their questions or to build their curiosity about your offering.
Once the first prototype is delivered, and after receiving your feedback, we review and adjust until absolute satisfaction. We want everyone to be proud to share our materials with the rest of the world, and this includes us! If this is not the case, back to the drawing board it.

What differentiates our designs from others?

To ensure we provide you with the best design, Advertastic offers:
  • Strategic marketing advice and assistance
  • Brand identity guidance
  • Graphic design assistance
  • UX Strategy development

Our Approach​

Advertastic believes that tailoring one’s approach to its target audience is the winning strategy! We enjoy using visual cues to grab attention and get ideas across quicker. The use of infographics and well-designed materials is another area we excel at. Our clients love how these instantly make their documents and presentations significantly more captivating. Do you also want to stand out from your customers inbox? Let’s revamp your emails too!