“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing
over and over again but expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Social Media Advertising

No two campaign uses the same approach. As Advertastic gains a deeper understanding of your value proposition and acquires data on your market, we review your digital strategies until we hit the sweet spot. Our campaigns generally tend to get smarter and are more likely to generate better results in the long run.

Our Process

We assess your value offering and find ways to accentuate them.
We analyse your target market to reciprocate their needs.
We align our strategies with your company goals.
We optimise your budget for maximum return-on-investment.
We review and re-strategise based on the information acquired in the learning process.

Why should you invest in Social Media Advertising?

Compared with traditional media, social media advertising allows one to target specific segments based on attributes like geography, demography, psychography and even based on behavioural patterns. It also generates a lot more return-on-investment as opposed to traditional media. To put things into perspective, traditional media could cost anywhere between $300- $2500 for an ad… and that excludes graphic designers’ fee which can easily skyrocket.

More importantly, once published, there is no built-in feedback loop to gather invaluable data from the ads. One such example is data regarding who has interacted with the ads. And measuring return-on-investment with traditional media is even harder! If the same amount of money were to be injected into social media advertising instead, a much broader understanding of the target audience could be gained.

This target audience is then primed for conversion through a call-to-action button and retargeting strategies. And the best part is, you can always pause the ad or cancel it altogether if you change your mind!

Social Media Stylist

We train you to better manage your social media pages. At an agreed cost, we can also assist with the optimisation of your pages and run a couple of posts monthly to help build your brand awareness.

Content Marketing

As part of your social media package, we help you build a solid content marketing strategy for your industry.

Why does Content Marketing matter?

For years now, we have been exposed to traditional product marketing where companies try to out- sell each other by hammering on about features and benefits. Customers nowadays can smell this generic kind of sales tactic from a mile away and respond poorly to it.

Content Marketing is the opposite of that! Content marketing instead tries to build a relationship with the audience through educational campaigns and entertaining posts. It generally tries to encourage your target market to interact with your brand regularly and tag their peers to do so as well. It creates a much more intimate and long-term relationship with your customers.